Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Couch Ahoy!

I decided to spend my free time today searching Moriyama for a new couch. I started by writing down the addresses of furniture stores listed in the yellow pages of the phone book. As with the adventure in Kusatsu, however, this is hardly a step above knowing "they're in town somewhere."

I couldn't find the first store at all. I rode my bike all the way around the block with no luck.

After circling the block for the second store and finally asking directions, I located it unadvertised inside a department store I never visit. It appeared to be out of business. At least, it was all closed up even though its day to be closed is Tuesday, not Sunday.

I managed to find the third store, which turned out to be a showroom. They only had one couch of the size and price range I wanted, but it was leather, and I didn't really want a leather couch. I looked through the advertisements for the mail-order items, and there was one that looked okay, but I didn't want to order anything without having a chance to sit in it first.

The fourth store again (on block 9) gave me trouble. I thought I was in luck when block 7 was followed by block 8...but no. The next block was a completely different neighborhood. I stopped for directions and had to turn back to locate the appropriate address...which I found, after some searching. However, it wasn't a store, it was just a regular house. Huh? (I know I didn't copy the address down wrong, either, because the store name was marked on the map at the place where I asked directions.)

I was just thinking that I'd give up and mail-order a couch, when I figured I'd give Lala Port a try, since I was just down the block from it anyway. I didn't have high hopes. My fears were confirmed when their couch selection yielded nothing of interest. Rather frustrated, I was on my way out, when I happened to pass through the bed section. Lo and behold, they kept their sofa/beds in the bed section. They had one that was PERFECT. I sat on it, I lay down on it, and it was comfortable both ways. It was even *pretty*, which is practically more than I could have hoped for. Not only that, it was within the price range I was willing to pay.

I ordered it immediately, and it will be delivered to my apartment within the week. HOORAY!
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