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Amparo Bertram

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10:48 am: Campus Tour: Day 5
I have finally reached the last day of the tour. Today I will be posting various odds and ends.

When I arrive at school, the first place I go is the bike parking area. Students are not allowed to get licenses, either for cars or motorcycles. (Any motorbikes in the picture belong to faculty or staff.) Rural schools allow students to drive motorbikes due to long distances, but here the students either walk, bus, or bicycle.

Visitors arrive at the school via the front gate. It is surrounded by sakura trees. A visitor would then continue on beneath this walkway that connects the two halves of building 1 (for middle school students). Building 1 has a lobby with a memorial dedicated to the girls' school.

Past building 1 is the community service center. This building is mostly empty, with just a few meeting rooms.

Garbage cans are found in many places around campus. They are always in groups of three: one for plastic bottles, one for burnables, and one for non-burnables.

The second floor of the media center has a large auditorium (which I didn't get a picture of because the door was locked) and computer rooms. This picture shows the room that is used as the English department's language lab.

Finally, the restroom area has a map posted on the wall to inform visitors of what types of toilets are available in which locations. This map is covered with transparent plastic that has the guide printed in braille.

Now that I've finished the tour, I notice that I haven't given any Warcraft updates in a while. I've been working on leveling up Illya, my shaman, and managed to reach level 40 last night. I immediately took her to buy her first mount, an elekk. It's...big.

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Date:April 13th, 2007 03:01 am (UTC)

What a school!

Thanks for the great photo journey and the verbal explanations. It's a fascinating place.

Congratulations on the mount; it's awesome, too.

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