Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

And they do this every month?

Saturday we got up early and went to the monthly flea market at Kitano Tenmanguu in Kyoto. We knew we were in for a crowd when the bus we took was packed and hardly anyone was getting off at any of the other stops. Sure enough, we arrived to find tons of people wandering up and down the many rows of vendor stalls. The most common items for sale were kimonos and their belts and ceramic dishes, but there were also many other things to see. Some people were selling such varied items as gardening tools, piles of used blue jeans, cowboy hats lined with the fabric used to make hina dolls, pillow and futon cases, and dozens of pictures and sculptures of the vendor's pet cat. That's not to mention all the food...

After spending way more money than I expected, and vowing that I needed to learn how to sew just so I would have something interesting to do with all the gorgeous fabric available, we finally had our fill of the people and the heat. We headed back to the station for lunch at an okonomiyaki restaurant and then spent two hours at a karaoke place across the street (it was in Kyoto, so it was CULTURAL karaoke) before returning to Moriyama with our purchases.

And now... <sniff> It's the last day of the nine-day weekend, and in a couple of hours wednesday_10_00 will be heading home. How does time go by so quickly?
Tags: culture, sightseeing
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