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A day late...luckily, not a dollar short

Last week, I reported that the closing ceremony for school would be Friday (the 23rd). That morning I got dressed up nicely in black slacks with a black blazer to be all formal for the ceremony. Oddly, during the morning prep time, one of my team teachers came up to me and we had the following conversation:

Teacher: Are you going to be at school during the holiday?

Me: No, I'm staying at home.

Teacher: Oh, you're going home now?

Me: ...No, for the holiday.

I was extremely confused as to why she would think I planned to go home immediately. Then the bell rang for the time of the closing ceremony...yet no one showed any sign of heading to the gym. I walked around...students were all practicing club activities and teachers were milling about in the faculty room. I checked my calendar again, but it said the ceremony was supposed to be starting.

Finally I walked over to the other side of the faculty room and consulted the wall schedule, to discover that the schedule had been changed and the ceremony had actually been on Thursday. I missed the whole thing. Not only that, Friday was officially "holiday." That was why my team teacher thought I would be going home right away.

Since I hadn't planned to take the day off, I stuck around and worked on clearing out everything on my desk. There were piles of reference books and textbooks and old papers to sort through. I got quite dusty by the end of the day.

Saturday, my Warcraft guild had a raid on one of the new expansion instances, Karazhan. We beat the first boss, Attumen, without much trouble. We had a number of unsuccessful tries on the next one, but we finally took Moroes down.

Sunday, a large earthquake hit Japan. I live far enough away that it didn't affect my area much. Dangly things in my apartment swayed, but that was about the extent of it.

Today I took advantage of the nice weather to go shopping in Kyoto. One of the places I visited was Kinokuniya, and while I was there, I decided to check out the movie advertisements at the theater next to it. (My town doesn't have a movie theater, so I rarely know what's playing.) My eyes struck upon a huge poster for the upcoming feature, Spiderman Yo.

"No way," I said to myself. "They did NOT just name a movie Spiderman Yo!"

I stared at the poster in amazement for quite a long time before I finally figured out that the symbol I was reading as the katakana yo (ヨ) was actually a very square number 3. This illustrates one of the many dangers of katakana.

Friends don't let friends use katakana.

Anyway, I met up with gnine and we spent the afternoon chatting and people watching. The big fashion trend is apparently poofy skirt hems for women and purple pants for don't be left behind! ^_~
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