Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

At my desk? Hah! Meet me in the library...

Yesterday afternoon, the teachers all took a tour of the new campus. We will start moving our things over there soon. It's about a 10-minute bike ride from my apartment, which is less convenient than my current situation, but my route takes me past a grocery store and bookstore, so that makes up for it.

The campus was originally designed to be a college. It is brand new, and everything is HUGE. It's also much more accessible, with ramps and elevators in every building, and every room has heating and air conditioning. I'll have to post pictures when we actually start there in April. Right now, they are still working on final renovations, so there are tarps down everywhere such, so it's not as attractive as it will be when they're done.

The best part, which is what I had to burble about, is that the high school faculty room is just a few steps away from the school library. A school library designed as a college library, with plenty of space, and soft chairs to sit on. I know where I'm going to be hanging out between classes...

Today some guys from the fire department (I think) came by to check my balcony for a fire escape. (Turns out I don't have one.) I spent about two hours washing dishes and tossing trash before they arrived. I can't honestly say the place is clean, but at least it's possible to walk from the front door to the balcony now...
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