Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Winter has arrived

It was unseasonably warm throughout most of December, but temperatures have finally started to drop. Snow is predicted for this weekend, which I believe would be the first this winter in Moriyama (though I saw a few slight traces in Maibara when changing trains).

Today was the first recycling day for cans this year, and the piles of beer cans set out were quite a sight. People certainly celebrated the holiday. (Personally, I much prefer the German wine that we had for New Year. It was absolutely wonderful, if expensive.)

I spent the remainder of my break reading, watching videos my family sent me (finally got caught up through the second season of Numb3rs), and playing Warcraft. My Warcraft guild, unfortunately, went through a split recently. Glaya joined a group of veteran players who moved to a new server, Uldaman, and formed a new guild. I'm looking forward to having adventures with them when I get the expansion. In the meantime, I'm focusing on PVP to earn a new bow upgrade...wish there were another way to get one, but at the moment PVP is the best option.

In the news, it seems that Japanese colleges are starting to get hit by the low birth rate. The number of applications has dropped by hundreds of thousands. Japanese colleges are actually having to (gasp!) recruit students. They are even taking in more international students (mostly from China) to compensate.

Classes just started up again yesterday. Seniors have about two and a half weeks of classes before they start their final exams. After that, I'll only have second-year students until the end of the school year in March.
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