Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The search for the elusive milk tea and the Great Cockroach Hunt

Today was far too hot to go sightseeing. We had tried to buy Kirin milk tea at the 24-hour grocery when we arrived in Moriyama last night, but they were in the middle of restocking their shelves and didn't have any available. This morning we tried a different grocery store, but they didn't have any either. Where has all the milk tea gone? We wound up settling for small bottles of a new product called royal milk tea (which they apparently boil longer than the regular stuff) that we picked up at a convenience store.

The rest of the day, we mainly stayed in the airconditioned living room and read things. When afternoon rolled around, we decided we ought to work on a project of some kind so we could feel productive. In the name of studying, we elected to start putting together a Manga Proficiency Test. We took quotes from comics that had particularly useful vocabulary words or grammatical structures and set them up as questions just like on the Japanese Proficiency Test. We had a lot of fun doing it, though we still have a lot of work to go before it's finished. Some of the questions are particularly evil.

A short while ago, when I went in the kitchen to throw something away, I was startled by a large cockroach jumping out in front of me. Hearing my pathetic shrieks, Denise came to the rescue. She offered to squash it, since it had come to rest on the door of the guest bedroom. The one problem: Due to the custom of removing shoes upon entering the house, all of our shoes were in the doorway, so we had nothing with which to squash the cockroach. I finally searched through the old books left behind by previous residents and chose an especially ratty-looking folder (that wouldn't be too damaged by bug guts) as a substitute. Denise valiantly did battle with the large insect and finally pounded it to its doom.

The weather report said that it should be cooler tomorrow, so we're planning to take a trip into Kyoto.
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