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'Tis the season...for cheesy chips?

Japan loves seasonal food flavors, as I've mentioned before. Snack foods in particular have a wide variety of often startling flavors that appear and disappear every couple months. I pay particular attention to the potato chips. Two separate brands came out with new winter flavors--"pepper and cheese" from one and "cream cheese" from the other. So far I've tried the cream cheese flavor. It's not bad...though it doesn't really taste like cream cheese to me. (Maybe that's because I always eat the lowfat kind?)

This past week has been rather irregular. On Saturday I went to the Ritsu-Moriyama Exhibition. The teachers all stood out in the lobby to usher parents (and late students). Some of them may have stayed out there during the whole performance; I don't know, because I got tired of just standing around a half hour into the exhibition and went to sit in the visitor section. Without the fashion show and the drama club performances, it was a lot more like...well, a conference than a performance. Ritsumeikan science students who went on a research trip to Australia gave a Powerpoint presentation about what they learned. The exchange students with Michigan and Hawaii gave presentations about their experiences. The one outstanding performance was by the baton twirling club, which did a baton/ballet rendition of Disney's Aladdin. It was spectacular. The exhibition was finished off with a performance by the Ritsumeikan University traditional Japanese instrument club, playing songs using the koto (Japanese harp), shamisen (three-stringed banjo-like instrument), and shakuhachi (recorder-like Japanese flute). The music was pretty, but I couldn't help wondering why there was a university performance at a high school exhibition. (I know, I know, it's because Ritsumeikan is trying to recruit for their school. It still seemed out of place.)

Sunday I went to Osaka with gnine for a comic fan event. It was the first time I ever manned a dealer's table, so it was a new experience for me.

This is the last week before the students take their midterms. I spent some time writing exams for several different classes. Students are also taking entrance exams for college, so at times I'm asked to go over copies of the English section to see how well the student did, or to explain which answers should be correct.

Today is a national holiday, Labor Thanksgiving. It's not a big deal the way Thanksgiving generally is in the US. It's more like, "Yay! A day off! Why? Just because!" Still, I took the opportunity to make fresh beans and tortillas for a mini-feast. Nothing hits the spot quite like they do.

The supermarkets have all started playing Christmas music. It almost makes me feel as if it should be Christmas any day now. I keep getting these urges to bake things...
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