Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The Witching Hour

Last Monday the school library committee put on a small Halloween party after school. They decorated the home ec room and started by making pumpkin muffins (pancake mix with mashed pumpkin mixed in, cooked in cupcake molds). Once the muffins were done, everyone sat at the various tables while I did a dramatic reading of a Halloween picture book. (Someone snapped a bunch of pictures and put them on the Ritsumeikan Moriyama website.) After that, the representative of the library committee read a bunch of questions about Halloween that the foreigners present all answered. (For example, she asked things like, "Are all Halloween costumes handmade?" and "Do you eat the Jack-o-lanterns?")

During the week, my senior students performed their skit assignment. Some put a lot of work into their props and memorization...some less so. I substituted for any absent students on performance day so that the remaining group members could get a one group, I performed two out of three roles. @_@ (...And one of the roles was a Japanese person who couldn't speak English...)

Saturday, I cleaned my apartment because gnine was coming over to visit. It's a good thing I did...I think the hair tumbleweeds were on the verge of starting their own civilization. >_< I managed to straighten up everywhere except the hobby room. It will take a lot more resolve to tackle that.

This week the students are preparing for a public exhibition on Saturday. This was formerly the Morijo Creative event, but now it's the Ritumeikan Moriyama Exhibition. I hear that there will no longer be a fashion show, which is too bad, but I guess it's because the only students taking the fashion designing classes are the former Morijo students since Ritsumeikan doesn't offer that as a subject. The exhibition is being well publicized, however. I saw a poster for it up on the wall at the train station.
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