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Amparo Bertram

'Twas the week before Halloween

The Ritsumeikan teachers seem to be getting really into the Halloween thing. The first-year classrooms are all decorated with orange and black streamers and many other things. The library is planning on hosting a Halloween party...though I think it's for children, because I'm supposed to read some Halloween-themed picture books. At first it was scheduled for October 30, which seemed reasonable, but then it was rescheduled for November 6. (A week after Halloween, guys? What's up with that?) Well, I suppose they didn't have much choice, since November 1-2 are half days, the 3rd is a national holiday, and the 4th-5th are the weekend.

Speaking of the national holiday, I've agreed to go with the Minna no Salon crew to spend a day sightseeing in Hikone. That should bring back memories of when I was there studying Japanese for a year.

I'm hoping to have my second-year students watch Nightmare Before Christmas this week in their listening class. I showed it last year, and the students seemed to appreciate it. (They even answered the questions I handed out...about the same amount as they answered the questions in the textbook--which is to say, only a handful of students tried, and the rest waited to copy down the answers when they were written on the board.)

In Warcraft news, my guild paired up with another guild to attempt the 40-person instance Blackwing Lair. (We tried doing it on our own, but we could never muster up more than about 25-30 people.) This time we took 20 from our guild and 20 from the other guild. In a five hour run (which includes preparation time and explanation time and potty breaks), we got as far as defeating the second boss, the dragon Vaelastrasz. The problem with this is that, if we do a different instance (such as Molten Core) and 30 people are online, everyone gets to go. (MC is also a 40-person instance, but we can beat most of the bosses with fewer people.) Blackwing Lair has better rewards, but when only 20 people can go, the remaining 10 people feel left out.

Personally, I'm just playing the game to have fun and do things with my brothers/friends. I feel sorry that other people get so uptight/angry/hurt about who gets what loot and who goes on what instance raids. The social give-and-take is interesting from an anthropological perspective, though.
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