Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

A matter of taste

I got a first look at the planned script for the skit my class is doing for the festival. They want me to play myself...except speaking really bad Japanese. Literally, the stage directions read "speaks haltingly with a strong accent."

They had me practice a little to make sure I could do it. It's kinda hard, but somehow I managed. (I felt like a character on Conan.)

To follow up on my previous discussion of Japanese taste preferences, one of my classes talked about likes and dislikes. The teacher announced to me that most Japanese people dislike pumpkin pie.

Me: Really? O_O (I've served pumpkin pie before, and the students who ate it always gobbled it up quickly.)

Teacher: Yes. Most people love pumpkins (that is, Japanese pumpkins, which resemble acorn squash). But pumpkin pie has cinnamon and other spices in it.

Me: Um...yeah. That's what makes it GOOD.

Teacher: Many people don't like it.

To prove her point, she asked the students to raise their hands if they liked/disliked pumpkin pie. Only one student responded in each category, though, so the results are inconclusive.
Tags: culture, school
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