Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

So, what am I up to NOW?

After megory left, wednesday_10_00 stayed at my place for several days...mainly reading to distract herself from staring forlornly at her luggage because it couldn't possibly hold all the things she needed to take back with her. She wound up having to buy an extra suitcase.

She left the country on August 22nd, leaving me all by my lonesome. ;_; It was several days before I stopped getting all misty eyed at every glimpse of something that reminded me of my absent visitors.

I used my few remaining days of summer vacation to play lots of Warcraft. My guild recently gained a number of new members, allowing us to tackle some of the 40-person raid instances. The first one I joined was the battle against Onyxia, a huge dragon. It took several attempts, but we managed to defeat her with fewer than 30 people in the raid.

Next we went on to Molten Core, an instance located in the fiery depths of a mountain with many tough boss monsters to defeat. We haven't beaten the final boss yet, but we're gaining ground.

School started on September 1st. There was a ceremony to mark the first day back, at which the new exchange student from Hawaii was introduced. For the first time, we have a male exchange student. Also for the first time, he was put into the freshman class rather than the second year class. I assume this is because they wanted him in a class with other boys, rather than one with all girls. In any case, it means that he's Ritsumeikan's responsibility, so I won't have any classes with him. That frees up an hour on my schedule.

We had a week of regular classes. After that, the schedule becomes irregular for the rest of the month. This week, the seniors still have regular classes on a half-day schedule, while the underclassmen have their final exams. Next week we will begin with a three-day weekend, and then all the students will have half-days while they spend their afternoons preparing for the school festival. (I was informally asked to participate in my senior class' stage presentation for the festival. Apparently they like the way I read the textbook.)
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