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Amparo Bertram

Gay Algae Quote List

This is the quote list kept during my vacation with megory and wednesday_10_00. Be warned that it includes mature language. Read at your own risk.

How would you like to live in Shark?

We are here for the gay algae though.
--Yes, we understand that. It's all about the algae.

It wouldn't be a vacation without getting lost at least one or five times.

Please excuse my brown money.

Doesn't it smell new? Like new car smell, only...hotel.

Oh, good, it says "Bath Room." 'Cuz there are so many rooms...
--It's a nice hotel, but not THAT nice.

That's my birthday present? I get to claim pink?

Can we take the hotel with us when we go to Akan?

Chocolate brain, mmmm....

Your plate makes the chef cry.

I can't believe they made the cat sit like a girl.

I guess we'll have to have cripple slash.

We could go to Book Off, but that would not be productive at all...well, unless your idea of productive is to buy a big bag of books and carry it all over half the country.

Why is the kitten with the porn...?

Hmm... It tastes...healthy.

Only glamorous peeing allowed.

You're the potato girl and you need a potato man.

Where's the bathroom?
--It's like through that dark, scary tunnel.

My backpack is so green...and so gay.

There's not enough GREEN in this town. Aren't they proud of their marimo?

I like ladies who let me pet marimo.

Don't they understand we came thousands of miles just to see marimo?

Twice the jingle, twice the gayness.

These bracelets are in love. They met on my wrist; the rest is history.

No need to be cruel. There, they can have all the fun they want, there on the tatami. Just keep it clean on my wrist, that's all I ask.

The guards are played by Takarazuka.

Are you scared of the sawayaka toire?

Too bad prison food isn't vegetarian...

If a wall is thick enough, it can give birth?

Oh, it's cocoa. That explains why it's purple.

We got bungee cords! My trip to Japan is complete.

Everyone stop talking for ten pages!

No! There is no need for that much cheerfulness. I'm putting a stop to it right now.

Doesn't Amparo sing to you in the morning?

You know you've lived in Japan too long when you get excited about seeing a wastebasket.

There's a lot of food in their walls...

You'll never starve here. If you get hungry, you can just eat the walls.

I got enough tattoos for everyone!

One little, two little, three little kokki...

Book Off is a false friend.

I can't slash my food. It's too sad, 'cuz I'm eating it.
--We've found something Denise can't slash!

She wanted us to have a good experience in the laundromat.

The international sign for "mirror so you can fix your makeup."

This shelf discriminates against tall books.

I'll call you again when I get lost.

They go through phases...
--That they attack you with umbrellas?

What did I notice? Food, food, food. Nothing about the sights, just three pages of notes about food.

She's not fun evil, though. She's boring evil.

It's a town full of gay. The boys will fit right in.

You bought ice?
--Did you KNOW it was ice when you bought it?

Well, we with manga.
--Like, build manga forts, throw manga balls...?

It's revenge. They just took Us out of all the other words. There's no U in "full." Or "up." It's just "down or...p."

Do I smell boys love?

So there's no sexing of any of them, it's just a koala climbing a tree.

Did you know there's something green in your bathtub? Yes, I cultivate it. I feed it a person every day.

I'm just losing things right and left.
--It wants to stay in Japan. Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

So, you could make Geoffrey Kaito, and Kaito Geoffrey...just to confuse them?

I don't know what you're doing with your figures, but I don't think you should be putting them in the microwave.

So, marimo are actually alien babies?

This one's pouting and this one's grinning. It doesn't work for kissing.

Don't make my dolls kiss!

If he's standing slightly back, he can still be checking out his ass.

They're in love; they must be gay.

Oh, my God, you beheaded him again!

I think the meaning of life may be contained in that sentence, but I can't understand it.
--If you add 42 to it, does that help?
--Maybe it has 42 words?

We're cool people!
--When we're not spastic...

So it's cute, but different cute. Together they would kill us all. But it would be a happy death.

It's hard to be a good Japanese fantasy without sealing.

I love that. I LIVE for that. I'm fucked up like that.

I almost died. Literally.
--But it sounds like fun!

How can she know that?
--She's Betazoid.
--...A Betazoid shinigami?

Anything I say, just dissect it and twist it around until it makes sense.

Comiket kampai!

A man doesn't go to Comiket if he's got multiple cuties back home.

I love this: two grown men fighting over a piece of tofu chicken.

Under the sea, under the sea...
--Listen, I love Disney more than anyone, but there will be NO SINGING at 6:30 in the morning!

It's trying to save you money.
--My money doesn't WANT to be saved.

Disneyland is Denise's 'hood.

This one has a little bag.
--Where they can put

I'm glad I didn't have the cake.
--I'm NEVER glad I didn't have the cake.

Har har har har har!
--...I think it's "arrrr," not "har."

Oh, their love is so separated by a pole.

My lips are gonna fall off!

He's a flexible lumberjack.
--He's getting cozy with the marimo...

So he can stand there and point at it.
--Yes...but he can't point.
--But he can stand there and pout at it.

If the fire and the water could do it, we could definitely do cactus and marimo.

Her mind was still on porn.
--Oh, you didn't hear her change the subject to passwords?

Their love is so connected by an S-video cable.

Wow, they have FIVE people on the priority seats...
--Orgy over there!

Why is he so sad? He's on marimo seats!

The dai is dying.

They usually aren't alone, they kinda move in herds.

It's the Gay Pride Monster!

The manga-ka are on so much crack. So much wonderful, wonderful crack.

What could be better than gay space pirates?
--If they're vampires...

He just said he was going to destroy all mankind. That's not "teasing."

Bookstore is an excellent dessert, or possibly an appetizer.

Logic--Japanese--kankei nai.

I don't know what it was, but it was in love.

Don't patronize my love vision!
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