Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Summer break: Week One

After getting megory settled into my apartment, the first order of business was getting her addicted to Warcraft. She's been playing a character on my account, practicing new things bit by bit. (This is made vastly easier by the fact that my brother sent me a new laptop that was put together specifically for gaming. It's sooooo much less frustrating to play when I'm not constantly stuck in stop-motion lag.)

However, sitting on the floor to play just wasn't agreeing with her. She dragged me out to the nearest department store and started stocking me up with new furniture. So far I've gotten a new computer desk, two chairs, and curtains to block out the sun from the living room (cutting down on heat and glare). She's working on convincing me to buy a second air conditioner.

Unfortunately, it has been raining pretty much every day. The amount of rain has been about twice that of the average year, and it's really been causing a lot of trouble with landslides and ruined crops. It has kept us indoors more than we probably otherwise would have been. On a couple occasions we made it home from shopping just before a downpour. Theoretically, the rainy season is supposed to end this weekend...but then the typhoon season usually starts up in earnest.

So far we've made two trips to Kyoto. Once we went to the flea market, where megory got some really good deals on used kimono. Today we went to activate her rail pass and do a bunch of shopping.

Aside from playing WoW, we've also been sewing. Yesterday we spent most of the day making a skirt from a used haori, and we plan to work on a matching vest tomorrow.

megory has been much better at posting updates to her journal than I have. If anyone is interested in seeing pictures of our escapades, she has a number of them linked.
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