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Amparo Bertram

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11:11 pm: The plane has landed
I picked up megory at the aiport without a hitch...well, unless you count my attempt to get a grilled cheese sandwich from the airport cafe. (All they had were ham-and-cheese.)

Me: Can you take the ham off?

Cafe lady: Sorry, they come pre-made. <pulls out plastic-wrapped ungrilled ham-and-cheese sandwich>

Me: Fine, give me that, I'll take the ham off myself.

Cafe lady: <puts sandwich in the grill>

Me: No! Please don't grill it.

Cafe lady: But it's raw.

Me: I have to take the ham off.

Cafe lady: But you can't eat it raw.

Me: I can't eat HAM.

Cafe lady: I have to heat it.

Me: Look, just open it and take the ham off BEFORE you grill it.

I finally got my sandwich, and megory and I made it safely back to my apartment. We took a taxi from Moriyama station, and as the taxi driver was unloading our suitcases from the trunk, one of his belt loops got caught on the zipper of the suitcase. He had to wrestle with it for several minutes and ask for me to help him out before managing to get free. Poor guy.

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