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Amparo Bertram

Are you eating right?

I've been seeing the Japanese Food Balance Guide (the equivalent of the Food Pyramid) on posters and such all around recently, so I thought I'd post a link for others to check out.

At the very top of the image with the exercising figure is a glass labeled "water/tea."

Then there's the carbohydrate group, or, as you may see from the picture, "bread, rice, noodles...more rice." Note that there is no cereal in the picture. This is because the Japanese don't eat cereal. Well...unless you count the Corn Flakes in the ice cream sundaes...

The next category down is the vegetable group. Note how much larger this is compared to the US version.

Next, the protein group, with fish and tofu in the middle.

Finally, the dairy and fruit groups get to share the very tip of the pyramid. Why is the fruit group so tiny? I don't know, but it may have something to do with how doggone expensive fruit is here. When one apple costs $3.50, you don't eat very many of them.

In contrast with the recommendations of the food balance guide, however, I've been checking out the KitKat group. The wild and wacky flavors this season include Fruit Parfait, French Bretagne Milk, and 宇治金時 (green tea with sweet red beans). I even saw an official Universal Studios Japan flavor for Tanabata, which is a swirl of brown and white chocolate designed to look like the Milky Way (the key feature of the Tanabata festival).

Too bad chocolate melts so fast here in the summer...
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