Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

It's good to have projects

I've finished all my midterm exam obligations for the week. So far, I've been keeping myself occupied by sewing. I was feeling guilty about the piles and piles of fabric building up in my craft room, so I picked one of the yukata rolls I bought on sale in Kyoto, hauled my sewing machine to school, and got to work on a summer dress pattern I bought last year.

It's hard to sew a dress while working at a desk that's already occupied by a computer and bookcase.

Even so, I probably would have finished it by now, except that A) I forgot to buy a zipper, B) I played around for several hours on the internet looking up epic Warcraft loot, and C) I had to alter the pattern so the skirt panels would fit on the narrow yukata fabric, which was extremely tedious and also added lots more seams as I patchworked the strips together. Anyway, I've completed the skirt and bodice. Now I just have to attach them together, add the zipper and lining, and position the shoulder straps.

I would say that I could get the dress done tomorrow, except that I'm scheduled to go into Otsu to sumbit the paperwork to renew my visa. That's likely to eat up a good chunk of the morning.
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