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Amparo Bertram

I want to Okinawa

Apparently there's a scandal unfolding at my school. The teacher in charge of the kendo club was found to have harrassed one (?) of the students in the club. The principal had wanted to keep it under wraps as much as possible, but he announced this morning that some reporters are making it public. He's worried that it will harm the reputation of the teacher in question (well, DUH) and of the school. Since I generally tune out morning announcements, I don't know any more details.

I taught two classes today and helped grade some exams. The responses to the essay questions are simply priceless.

I want to go to the Egypt. Because I love to pyramids.

I want to Okinawa. Because Okinawa is very beautiful sea. I like swim. And I want to black my body.

I shudder to think what some of the compositions I've written in Japanese would sound like to a native speaker.

After that, I had a lot of free time all afternoon, so I spent a couple hours crocheting. I also worked some sample problems in one of the proficiency test practice books I bought. On a practice exam, I scored about 85% on the kanji/vocab section and 90% on the reading comprehension/grammar section. Since 70% is passing, I should be in the clear.

However, I should mention that the vocabulary section (in which you have to choose the appropriate word from a list of near-synonyms to fill in a blank in a sentence) is TOTALLY whomping my butt. It's only the fact that my score on reading/writing kanji is so high that brings my average up from borderline passing. (My score on noun kanji vocab taken alone was 71%.) Since I believe the score for the whole test is cumulative, I'm not worried, but I really ought to start studying my dictionary a bit more.
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