Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Guest is in the house

Tuesday we had a going-away party for the exchange student from Michigan. That was fun, and it made the day go by faster. After school, I was asked to help take over a test-preparation lesson for a homeroom teacher who had to pay a home visit to a student who was suspended for shoplifting. It was a listening test practice, so I played a CD while the students answered questions, then handed out answer sheets so they could check how they did. Strangely, though the answer sheets had the scripts for each problem and a walkthrough of key vocabulary, in very few cases did they actually come out and say what the correct answer was. When I heard the students muttering about it, I went through and wrote all the answers on the board so they could check more quickly.

In the evening, I met sara_tanaquil at the shinkansen station in Maibara, and we got back to my apartment shortly before 11. I have to work Wednesday, so she'll venture into Kyoto to do some touristy stuff on her own. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off so I can show her around.
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