Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

It's always a good time for a typhoon

That's right, typhoon season has started. The first one of the year formed in the ocean to the southwest early this week, bringing with it lots and lots of rain. The poor group from Michigan had a lot of their days rained upon. The sun came out JUST as they were getting on the bus to head for the airport yesterday.

Aside from all the rain, I had a pretty uneventful week. I gave a speech for the city's cultural exchange group on Thursday. Like last year, I pretty much made it up on the spot, so my Japanese was atrocious. I can't really think very fast when talking.

This week was picture-taking week for the senior album. It was quite a hassle to get all the English teachers together for the department picture, because everyone was busy with classes and other things. They scheduled us for ten minutes during lunch on Friday, which was the only time we could squeeze it in.

This week, sara_tanaquil will come to Japan for a vacation. I took Friday off, so I'll meet her up in Chiba this weekend. Next week she'll be coming down to my area...which means I need to clean my apartment. Yikes.

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