Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

A week of wild weather

Last Saturday, it was still cold enough in the morning to use the heater.

On Monday, I had to switch to the air conditioner. It got up to 90° in my apartment. I ransacked my wardrobe for the summer clothes I had packed away.

Tuesday it had cooled somewhat, but it was still warm enough that I was sweating while packing. I chose the lightest, coolest clothes possible for my trip to Chiba. As I walked out the door, I grabbed a light blazer just in case it got chilly in the evening.

Wouldn't you the time I arrived, it was windy, cloudy, and COLD. I wished I had brought a coat. Anyway, we went out and watched the latest Meitantei Conan movie, which was really well done. It had a much more thoughtful plot than the past couple of movies, Ran and Kazuha (and even Sonoko) got to kick butt, and there was a LOT of romantic subtext (...and even not-so-subtext). I definitely wouldn't mind owning it.

The next morning, we headed for Big Sight for a doujinshi event. It had warmed up again, and got rather hot as we sat waiting in the event site parking lot. I brought the collapsible bag-on-wheels that I got for my birthday, and we used it to carry a lot of purchases. We hit a few stores in Ikebukuro, where it was extremely crowded. (Hey, isn't everyone supposed to LEAVE Tokyo during Golden Week?) Finally we returned to wednesday_10_00's apartment to begin watching a marathon of the Rose of Versailles anime series. The marathon continued all day Thursday, until we finished all 40 episodes just before midnight. (Spoiler: Marie Antoinette dies.)

I came back home Friday to escape the holiday rush. Tokyo Station was packed when I arrived, but luckily the crowds weren't going the same way I was. My shinkansen had a lot of empty seats until we hit Nagoya. I used Saturday and Sunday to catch up on Warcraft buy groceries, clean my bath, and wash several loads of dishes. I even got the kitchen table clean enough to make a batch of tortillas, yay!

How much do you want to bet the students' minds won't be on their classes tomorrow...
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