Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Club hopping, day 2

Wednesday there were no club meetings because...there were no students. It was field trip day for everyone. The freshmen were on an overnight camp, the second-year students went to Nagoya, and the third-year students went to Universal Studios Japan.

Thursday I had English club, at which the students were rather discouraged that no freshmen showed up. Oh, and another Surprise!Solo Lesson, from the same teacher as last week. He promises he'll be there next time.

Friday I went to the Anime Lovers meeting. (It's not officially a club. I don't know why.) Of the five or so girls in the meeting room, one was one of my English major students. She freaked out when I walked in. I intentionally spoke in English so she could translate for the other girls (and show her English skills), but she quickly assured them that I could understand Japanese. She then handed me a manga (Kingdom Hearts) to read during the meeting. One freshman boy showed up, and the girls practically surrounded him, trying to involve him in conversation so he wouldn't feel neglected.

Golden Week began Saturday. So far, I've spent my weekend on the computer. Tuesday I plan to go visit wednesday_10_00 for a while.
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