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Amparo Bertram

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09:27 pm: Morijo Memorial
Today was the memorial event for the girls' school, which was held in Biwako Hall in Otsu. I had a bit of a panic when I thought I'd be late, but it turned out that the first half hour was just for seating guests anyway. I was escorted right up to the front with the other teachers and special guests.

The show itself was really nice. There was an orchestra performance, a dance by the school baton twirling club, and speeches from all kinds of people. Any teachers, past or present, who attended the event were asked to stand and bow to the audience one by one, with the image broadcast on a big screen for everyone to see. They played two short movies about the history of the school and about Morijo's final year--both of which were included on a DVD handed out to everyone who came.

Guests also received a booklet with a photographic history of the school, a listing of every faculty member ever, and a glass cube with the school logo etched on it. It was quite the package.

The finale was a quartet that has apparently been together for over fifty years. They were REALLY good. They sang songs both in Japanese and English...and even one in which they were all frogs. That one was fun. ^_^

An hour program of the event is scheduled to be broadcast on the Biwako Network sometime later this month.

During the event, one of the teachers asked me if I was going to the drinking party afterward. I said I hadn't heard about it, to which she replied that it probably wasn't too late for me to go if I would pay my share of the bill. After the event let out, the teachers all stood around talking with graduates and former faculty. I had no idea where or when the drinking party was supposed to be, so I sat around reading my memorial booklet and looking at the view of Lake Biwa while I waited. Finally, a group of the teachers headed toward the door.

I started to follow, when I was stopped by a couple of graduates. They introduced themselves as members of the very first English major class (about twenty years ago, I believe). They chatted with me briefly, then asked if I was going to the drinking party with the other teachers. I said I didn't know where it was, so they ran to ask someone. The reply I got: "We're going out drinking, but you can go home."


So, I headed back toward the station. Conveniently, the Otsu branch of Kinokuniya was on the way, so I dropped in and bought every comic or novel that caught my eye...even a couple I'm sure I'll regret later. (For example...the latest Nanji novel...) Withdrawal is a scary thing.


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Date:April 1st, 2006 08:09 pm (UTC)
It sounds like a beautiful remembrance ceremony. They think of so many details.

I wonder if Matsuhara (sp?) Kojima and Cindy were there. Did you see them?

I just can't understand the strange response at the end. Maybe it was supposed to happen that way so that you would have some books to read during the last week of spring break. The timing was all so strange the way it happened.
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Date:April 2nd, 2006 01:03 am (UTC)
I wonder if Matsuhara (sp?) Kojima and Cindy were there. Did you see them?

Mr. Kojima was there. He gave a short speech about the English major. He asked any English graduates in the audience to raise their hands, but there weren't many. He said, "There don't seem to be many of the English graduates here. The students in the English major are all very internationally minded. I'm sure that most of the graduates are away in foreign countries, and that's why they couldn't be here."

Cindy dropped by this morning to give me the items you sent with her. She said she'd like to come by and visit sometime later, but they had plans in Kyoto today.
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