Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Hey, hey, what's this white stuff doing here?

Someone didn't get the memo that it's spring, because it snowed yesterday. Ugh.

This is particularly annoying, because with all the work being done on the school, the faculty room winds up freezing. Either the stoves are turned off while desks and such are shuffled around, or the doors are being constantly opened.

I got to school yesterday to find that the faculty refrigerator had been replaced by a copier. Okay, copiers are good to have, but where am I supposed to put my lunch? I asked around, but no one had a clue where the fridge had gone. I was finally directed down to the office, where I was told to put my lunch in the refrigerator in some break room. I certainly hope this isn't a permanent change.

Various teachers handed out sweets and snacks as parting gifts because they'll be leaving. Two (that I know about) of the English teachers won't be coming back for the new school year.

There's going to be an event tomorrow to look back on the memories of the Girls' School. I said I would go, since I figured it was in the middle of spring break and would make a nice change. That was before I knew I would have to sit at my desk the whole two weeks. Now I wish I could spend that extra time at home with my internet connection, but I'm committed to going. ^_^; I've gotta say, this is the most ridiculous way to handle spring break ever. A break should be, you know, a BREAK.
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