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Disney Sea Weekend

On Friday I headed to Chiba to visit wednesday_10_00 and mereflair. While on the train, I saw an advertisement for a product called Perfect Plus. The caption for it reads Otoko no shoubu jelly. Otoko means "man" and shoubu is a word for "challenge/fight/duel" or any similar term intended to determine a winner and loser. So, the caption reads "A man's challenge jelly." The mental image is just...yeah.

On Saturday, we got up early and headed to Disney Sea. It was my first time there, so the other two guided me around and made sure we made the most efficient use of our time to ride the attractions. It was fascinating to see the amount of detail that went into all the scenery throughout the park.

We were happy to find a restaurant that served a vegetarian sandwich. We weren't so lucky with the so-called potato/egg pita, which at first looked promising yet turned out to have surprise!anchovies in it when we inquired. We found it ironic that Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen served mainly seafood (so much for being "off the hook" under the sea), but they at least were willing to make us pizza without all the seafood toppings when we asked.

Other pictures are available for viewing in my Disney Sea gallery.

On Sunday, we spent most of the morning resting and moaning over our aching legs. We went out shopping around lunchtime, but we had a heck of a time finding a place for mereflair and me to put our luggage. Every single locker in Tokyo station was taken...there were people standing around just waiting for a locker to open up. We finally managed to locate a "cloak room" that would hold our luggage, but it was only open until 6pm, which didn't give us much time for shopping. We had lunch at the vegetarian Indian restaurant in Ogikubo and then shopped in Ikebukuro until we had to return to pick up our bags.

I set off back home from there, since I had a several-hour train ride ahead of me. The station where I transferred at Maibara was crowded, but aside from that there was no incident.

At school, the Ritsumeikan tech guys came by to set up the new computers and LAN cables. Today I asked the teacher next to me when they would connect the internet. Contradicting previous information she had given me, she said that she thought only one or two computers would actually have internet access, while the rest would be restricted to the local network. I asked what the point of that would be, and she said it was to cut paper costs by messaging all the teachers instead of having to give handouts to everyone.

Well, that doesn't do me much good. I seriously don't need a computer taking up half my desk when the only point of it is to read messages that generally don't apply to me anyway.

After lunch, a graduated student showed up looking for a teacher who turned out to be absent. She decided to sit down and chat with me for English practice. She wound up staying for a couple hours, until it was time for me to leave for home.

In other random news, the milk crisis has been averted. I went back to the grocery store, and they had a new brand of skim milk available. <whew> They also had a couple new flavors of potato chips to try--cheese/mayo and ketchup.
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