Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The last day of a manner of speaking

Technically, the last day of school is tomorrow. However, the closing ceremony was today. Tomorrow they're having the official ceremony to transfer the school over to Ritsumeikan.

I won't be there, though, because I took the day off so I can go visit wednesday_10_00 and mereflair for the weekend.

Starting next week, the school enters its two-week spring break. ...Unfortunately, it appears that only the students get a break, not the teachers. I'm told that I'm expected to show up for work every single day, unless I want to use up my vacation time. I was hoping that someone would pipe up and say, "You don't have any reason to be here, so why don't you just stay home for two weeks"...but it doesn't look likely. <sigh> I guess that means I have two more weeks of sitting at my desk for eight hours with nothing to do and no internet connection.

It's like being on a long road trip, but with leg room.

The schedule says that they're going to be bringing in the new computers next week, but we won't be able to use them right away because we still have to do the annual desk-shuffling. It's possible the computers will be set up and ready to use by April 3rd.
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