Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Shopping discoveries

I've been avoiding going shopping for a long time, due to cold and rain. However, I finally ran completely out of milk yesterday, so I had no choice but to venture out into the cold shower to restock on groceries. While shopping, I made a number of discoveries.

1) The one store where I could buy nonfat milk was out, and they had a sticker up saying they were replacing it with a different product. ;_; I had to buy lowfat instead. I hope that means they're simply replacing it with a different brand of nonfat milk, as they did last time I had this crisis. Why do the Japanese people insist on this preference for chock-full-of-fat milk? They ADVERTISE the high fat content on the cartons as a selling point.

2) I browsed the cereal section, which usually contains A) Corn Flakes, B) All Bran, C) Mueslix, and little else. The Japanese don't eat cereal much. (The Japanese idea of a Western-style breakfast is toast and salad.) Lo and behold, however, they had Chex. Not just any Chex--chocolate Chex. (When did THAT happen?)

3) I moved on to the potato chip section. Japanese potato chip flavors constantly amuse me, as I've mentioned before. I passed by the pickled plum flavor. >_< I tried the basil/cheese flavor, yet though it didn't taste bad, it made me wish it were pizza instead of chips. I bought a bag of Caesar salad flavor, thinking, Salad-flavored potato chips. What could be safer? After I bought it, however, I checked the ingredients, only to find that it contained anchovy powder. O_O The Japanese will put fish in anything. I tried one called "five blacks plus salt"--containing five different ground-up black items, such as black sesame, black beans, black rice, and so on. It was actually pretty good...but then I couldn't find it again, so it might have been a seasonal flavor. (Darn those seasonal flavors!) Finally, I tried one that was cheese/soy milk flavor. That was surprisingly tasty.
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