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Amparo Bertram

Is it spring yet?

"Classes" started up with a bit of a crisis... For all of March, the school is on a special schedule, first because of exams, and then afterward because the students have half days and book-buying days and all kinds of other things. The class schedule is printed up on three sheets of paper and handed out to all the teachers. One sheet has the schedule broken down by class (this is what the students follow), one by room (so teachers know what rooms are occupied when), and one by teacher. Thus, theoretically, the teacher can look at this third page and know what classes to attend. In fact, I always toss the other pages and just highlight my row on the teacher schedule.

Well, it turns out that, for the teacher who sits next to me, one of her scheduled classes was accidentally left off of the teacher version. We were just pulling out our lunches about halfway through fourth hour when a student showed up asking why she hadn't come to class. ^_^; The poor teacher, of course, didn't have a single thing planned. She asked me to come along and bring my Apples to Apples cards, so we played that for the remainder of the hour.

What I always find fascinating about playing Apples to Apples with non-English majors is the way they approach the game. The English majors are always so serious about trying to match the nouns with the adjectives properly. The non-majors, on the other hand, almost immediately start going for "joke" matches. They'll scan their cards for whichever one would be funniest...just like native speakers tend to do, actually.

Friday I was approached by the head of the English department, who announced that the Ritsumeikan native teacher is going to be taking over half of my senior Listening classes, and that we will be expected to keep our two halves synchronized. Okaaay...I don't mind having a lighter schedule, of course, but...why? Wasn't this the same person who needed someone to take over his classes last I heard? Oh, well. It was suggested that I could use the time thus freed up to teach the Michigan exchange student more frequently.

It stormed on Sunday, once again preventing me from doing the shopping I had planned. This has really got to stop. ~_~ I did, however, manage to wash a lot of dishes. In fact, I got to see the bottom of my sink for the first time since I started playing Warcraft in a long while. ...I cooked right afterward, though, so it quickly filled up with pots and pans. (If only I could just stop eating, I wouldn't have this problem...)

And then today it snowed. <grumble> I thought we were done with that sort of thing for a while. This means I may have to go out and buy more kerosene.
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