Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

My week in review

I haven't done much since graduation, since mainly I just sit at my desk while the students are taking their exams.

Sunday I went to the cultural exchange fair. As soon as I walked in the door, I was handed a "staff" badge and told to sit at the America table to give stickers to anyone who stopped by. (Japanese people love sticker rallies.) I pretty much sat at the table for the rest of the fair, except when they shooed me out to get a couple bites of salad.

Yesterday I was told that Ritsumeikan will be giving all the teachers computers to use starting next school year. I filled out a form to get a computer account. I'm looking forward to having an internet connection at work.

Classes start up again today...though by "classes" I mean that the students meet to get their test results back. I've been invited to a couple of the non-English major classes to play games, because they've never had the chance to interact with an ALT.
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