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Amparo Bertram

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06:04 am: Going...going...gone!
The graduation ceremony was on Wednesday. Overall, it was about the same as last year, with lots of bowing and crying. This year the speeches were all about how frustrated the seniors were that they weren't able to stop the school from being transferred to Ritsumeikan and how sad it is that they're the last graduates of Moriyama Girls' High School. There were lots of press agents there with cameras and videocameras to film this momentous occasion. It was actually kind of annoying when they swarmed up onto the stage while the principal gave his speech. I know they were just trying to get reaction shots of the girls, but really, it looked quite tacky.

Afterward, the seniors descended upon the faculty room to get pictures taken with the teachers. I was asked to be in a bunch of pictures--even by one girl not in the English major whose class I only visited once.

Yesterday I was approached by the head of the English department and had this puzzling conversation:

Teacher: The Ritsumeikan teacher won't be able to teach five hours, so could you do it? Teach the Ritsumeikan students?

Me: O_O //FIVE hours? What is he, insane? This is wrong in so many ways...// ...I don't think I'll have time. //Translation: Oh, no, you're not adding five hours to my weekly schedule.//

Teacher: Well, the Ritsumeikan teacher could substitute for you in this class... <points to a two-hour senior class>

Me: ??? //Okay, now I just don't get it. For one thing, if he can teach two hours of my classes, why can't he just teach those two hours in his own first-year classes? Why drag me into it? Second, didn't Ritsumeikan say they didn't want me teaching their classes in the first place? Third...I may not be a math major, but TWO does not equal FIVE.//

At this point I said it would be a good idea to discuss this with whoever would be my team teacher for the class, but that won't be decided until April, so he wandered away. I heard him deep in discussion with the vice-principal on this topic later, but I don't know what they concluded. I really can't figure out what was going on. Ritsumeikan has had their teacher lined up at least since last summer. Why would they hire someone who couldn't teach all the classes they needed? Why get into a mess like this at the last minute?


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Date:March 3rd, 2006 04:15 pm (UTC)
TWO does not equal FIVE

Especially when it's two hours of senior time versus five hours of freshman time. Wow. I wonder what's going on. (I only have one insanity icon, so you'll just have to pretend that "translation" = "math"...as I often do.)
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Date:March 4th, 2006 05:17 pm (UTC)
but that won't be decided until April

At least that gives you some time to think of a culturally appropriate way to not accept their "offer."

You see, I already thought they stepped over some line scheduling you to go solo in the first place.

I was asked to be in a bunch of pictures

What a nice way to honor you. No one here wants to be in a picture with me. That's really cool.
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