Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

...No one, apparently...though the growling squirrel did provoke a few giggles.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I stepped out my front door Monday morning to find it snowing. I was briefly worried, since I wear low slip-on shoes to work (all that shoe-changing whenever I enter a classroom, you know). However, only about an inch had accumulated, so it didn't cause me any problems.

I arrived at school to have this conversation with my team teacher for first hour:

Teacher: We should start the lesson with review, because some students will be arriving late due to the heavy snow, and we don't want them to miss anything new.

Me: ...Heavy snow?

Yes, that's how little it snows here. The cute thing is, if students are ever late due to a train delay, the train company gives them passes so they won't be marked tardy. The bad thing is, all my students first hour were total zombies. It took half the period to pry some of them away from the stoves, and even then, they all acted brain-dead.

And speaking of brain-dead--or at least brain-absent--it was the seniors' last full day of classes. They were SO not interested in lessons. They vastly preferred working on cutting and pasting pictures into personal memory scrapbooks that were probably an assignment in another class.

I got home and immediately set about making the last of the baked goods for prizes. I eventually finished, though I left my kitchen looking like a war zone.

Since I was going to be the Wolf in the skit my speech class would perform, I thought I should wear something by way of a costume. I looked around for wolf ears or something, but I only found bunny ears. Instead, I bought ponytail holders with pompoms attached and did my hair up "doggy ear" style, in the hope that it might count as wolf ears.

...Uh huh.

Well, I certainly got quite a reaction. Practically everyone I met in the hall either giggled or shouted "Cute!" In fact, I even got an entire sentence--"You are a cutie!"--from a student who wasn't even in one of my classes. Other teachers commented that I looked like a squirrel. ^_^;

I had this conversation with a student:

Student: Cute! You look like a rabbit.

Me: ...I'm supposed to be a wolf. Don't you think I look scary? RAWR!

Student: <blink, blink> ...Can I touch your hair?

Me: ~_~

Regardless, the skit was a big success. The baked goods were also a success. In fact, aside from the set of flavored coffee packets I brought from Michigan, the students only selected the baked goods and none of the other merchandise as their prizes.

Now that the seniors have finished, my schedule is much lighter. Whereas I used to have at least three classes per day, until the end of the school year I'll have at most three classes per day. I'm hoping to use the extra time productively.
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