Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

My kingdom for a grammar check

As I expected, the seniors continued to seek last-minute help with their speeches until the period right before they had to actually give them. We had to shuffle around their class schedule to allot enough time, which resulted in me not having a planning period on Tuesday, but in return I got an extra hour today. Except for three students absent due to illness, they've all now finished.

My speech class is slated to perform their version of Little Red Riding Hood--now Little BLUE Riding Hood because the girl playing Riding Hood only has a blue jacket rather than a red one--next Tuesday, the seniors' final day of classes before their exams. I will now be playing the wolf instead of the grandmother. Also, Riding Hood's personality has she's the kind of girl who goes out and spends all night at the disco with some boy whose name she claims not to remember. (In fact, upon being questioned by her mother, she claims not to know whether the person she was dancing with was male or female.)

One of my team-teachers is going to have her lesson observed for some kind of teacher education thing she's doing. I thought it was going to be today, but I guess it'll be tomorrow.

The weather had been relatively mild earlier in the week, but it took a sudden plunge today, and it even snowed off and on. Everyone's looking forward to moving to the new campus, where the rooms will be heated. We have to endure another full school year at the current campus first, though.
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