Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Question: It's Saturday? ...When did that happen?

Answer: Sometime between levels 10 and 23.

Wednesday I went out early to go shopping for a few hours with megory, where she wound up mostly buying presents for me.

Thursday night we had a graduation party for pacoese. The theme was "Mexican"--the couches were draped with Mexican blankets, sombreros were passed around, and Jumex was the drink of choice. (Well, that and the tequila.) You should have seen the cuteness of megory's outfit.

As one of the games for the party, my brother put everyone's name in a hat and then we each had to draw a name and do an impersonation to get the others to guess who it was. That was absolutely hysterical. There were a few people present who didn't know the names they drew, but they received expert coaching.

Friday I went out to see Harry Potter with my middle brother and his girlfriend. While we were out, the rest of the gang decorated the house again and brought a whole new set of food for my brother's surprise birthday party.

The rest of the time passed in a blur of World of Warcraft. I honestly didn't know what day it was anymore.
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