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The Long, Long Picture Book

I scanned the pages from the round-robin story that I'm doing with several of my students.

The Long Long Picture Book

I wrote my next page and handed it back to them, so the next installment will probably come back to me in January.

In other news, I told my students yesterday that I'll be leaving on Monday to visit my family for the holidays. Their response? "We look forward to your souvenirs!"

Today I only have two classes, one of which is a solo lesson because my team teacher is going along on a college visitation, though at least she told me well in advance. I had another Surprise Solo Lesson yesterday, which wasn't too bad because it was mostly listening practice. The students were totally flabbergasted that "don't you" can turn into "don'tcha" when said fast. They were even more astounded when I told them "See you" can be written "C'ya" in casual messages. They were like, "Hey! That's not fair! How is anyone supposed to understand that?!"

...They have NO idea how many incomprehensible contractions there are in their own language.

I say this every year, but winter in Japan sucks a person's will to do anything. The lack of central heating means that every single class begins with the students moaning about the cold and clustering around the kerosene stove. They're constantly being lectured by teachers for wearing gym pants under their skirts (in violation of the dress code), but I don't blame them in the slightest. Japan needs to be slapped upside the head when it comes to forcing girls to wear skirts to school in the middle of winter.
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