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Amparo Bertram

Nature's wrath

Nature really seems to have it in for Japan these days. There was another earthquake this morning during the start-the-day teacher meeting. Then all the afternoon classes were canceled and students sent home due to typhoon #18 passing through (though the teachers had to stay until at least 4pm, at which time the vice-principal announced that those who were worried could leave).

Here's a picture of the faculty room, where I spend most of my time. My chair is the one with the green cushion. The blackboard on the wall at the far end of the room has the month's schedule written out day by day. The copy room is through a door in the middle-left, just out of sight in this shot.

Classes have been going pretty well this week. I've been making up various activities here and there. My small class of 11 third-year students was especially cute; the lesson theme in the textbook is "restaurant," so we started the class with a free talk period in which they recommended restaurants to me. English conversation practice for them and useful information for me, a double bonus! Hopefully I'll have a chance to go to some of the restaurants they recommended, and I can tell them about it, so they'll know I'm paying attention to what they're saying.

For the class that I had to make up comprehension questions on the spot, my team-teacher asked if I could provide a different set of readings for alternate classes (that is, for the Tuesday sessions of the Tuesday/Thursday class). Luckily, before coming I had bought an ESL reference book called Open Sesame of folk tales and fairytales well suited to the purpose. We started "Cinderella" today (chosen because they're already familiar with it), and the students seemed to enjoy it.

The one class that had me so frustrated last week is the one that was canceled this afternoon, so no rematch there yet.
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