Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

The Empire Strikes Otaku Road

Yesterday I spent busily reading in an attempt to select exactly which manga deserve to be packed and brought to Michigan. I also rearranged my bookshelves. I had been keeping all my commonly referenced books in stacks on my living room floor. While a simple and handy method, it does have its drawbacks. So I took the small bookshelf that's been holding all the things left behind from my predecessors (everything that escaped the Great Purge, that is), dumped its contents into a storage crate, and moved it into the living room to be a reference shelf.

I also tried straightening my hair to get rid of the flippy up bits. That, however, had no noticeable effect. My hair just doesn't take to perming, either curly or straight, it seems.

Not much happened today. The most excitement was during the English club meeting, in which I made a tape of a short piece that a student is going to memorize for recitation in a contest in February. We tried to put the (brand new) cassette in the tape recorder, but the machine kept spitting it back out. It would only let us insert the tape on side B. We tried everything we could think of, but eventually we were just forced to rewind to the beginning of side B and record on that.

On the news this evening, they announced that the Kanji of the Year is 愛 (ai, "love"), for the Aichi World Expo and the wedding of the emperor's daughter, among other things. Then they had one of the most hysterical feature stories I've seen in a while.

Darth Vader descended upon Otaku Road. They had someone in a complete Darth Vader costume, backed up by four Storm Troopers, march onto the scene in Osaka. Vader was presented with a sash bestowing upon him the honor of being in charge of the police for a day. He and the Storm Troopers paraded down Otaku Road. Vader's mission: Rid the town of pirated DVDs...with a light saber, apparently. The question was raised why Darth Vader would be fighting on the side of justice and law, but it certainly made for a good show.
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