Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Taking steps

Yesterday was a light workload for me because the students all went to watch a play in the afternoon. This caused the other faculty a lot of problems, however, because they had to A) lecture the students about proper manners when walking to the building where the performance would be held [e.g. no eating while walking, no wearing sweaters over their blazers, no wearing gym pants under their skirts] and B) position themselves along the route to make sure the students didn't "escape."

Despite their efforts, a number of students sneaked off and went home instead of watching the play as they were supposed to. This was a topic of serious concern at the morning meeting, because if the students think they can get away with skipping school functions, it will only be harder to get them to comply in the future.

Today I officially requested vacation days for the holiday and transferred the money for my plane ticket. I'll be in Michigan from December 19th until January 4th.

A photographer came to one of my classes and took a number of pictures. I'm assuming this is something related to Ritsumeikan. Also, it seems that construction has started to get underway in preparation for next year.
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