Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Every day is full of surprises

Sunday I was invited to take part in an oshie lesson for foreigners. I did this once last year, when I made a simple picture of two gourds. This year the project was a picture of something called an inuhariko. This is a traditional toy. (It's supposed to be a dog, though pretty much everyone at the lesson thought it looked like a cat.) It was chosen as the project because next year is the Year of the Dog according to the Chinese zodiac.

We did everything except the face, which was provided for us (presumably to save time). As always, I worked quite slowly, and I wound up finishing absolutely last.

Monday morning, I called home and spent quite a while on the phone. This resulted in megory offering to pay for me to fly back to Michigan for the holidays.

Then I stepped outside to go to work and discovered that winter had suddenly pounced. My hands were burning with cold by the time I got to school (across the street) and trains were delayed due to strong winds. (That said, the temperature was still slightly above freezing.) At night a thunderstorm rolled in that continued until morning.

Today started with the head of the English department showing up at my desk.

Teacher: Your team teacher won't be here today, so please do something for first period.

Me: ...Something?

Teacher: Something.

So, an unexpected solo class first period, no problem. I then freaked out two of my teachers by saying I would take a vacation for the last three days of classes. They managed to come to terms with it, however. I haven't spoken with the other three teachers yet, but after the surprise solo classes I've done, including the one just this morning, I feel no guilt.
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