Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Mid-week craziness

I posted some more pictures from USJ. The mustard, in particular, is classic. I think I'm just about recovered from last time to head to Tokyo tomorrow to spend a long weekend with mangaroo and wednesday_10_00.

Tuesday was pretty uneventful. The one outstanding incident was when a teacher asked me to proofread the text of a test for one of her classes. That was rather routiine, until I came across a section that said "English haiku isn't limited to the 5-7-5 syllable structure, so it's more free than Japanese haiku." This puzzled me, since that's not how I had been taught in my high school creative writing class.

At first I thought the problem was that English syllables are different from Japanese syllables, but the teacher showed me the chapter of the textbook from which it had come. Sure enough, it said that English haiku has two rules: 1) It must consist of three short lines, and 2) it must be about something in nature. That really blew my mind. All I could figure was that either it was intended for younger children who might not understand the concept of the syllable, or that other high schools teach haiku quite differently from the way mine did. (...Or the author didn't know what he/she was talking about...)

Wednesday was a national holiday. I spent most of the day shopping. I wound up going to three different department stores in search of a particular item. At one of them, I was spotted by a couple of my first-year students.

Today I had two solo classes, as my team teacher was away on business. It wasn't too hard, though, because all the students are doing at this point is studying for midterm exams, which start next week. (...Or reading manga at their desks instead of studying...darn that Nana...)
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