Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Winter Water Weekend

On Sunday, wednesday_10_00 and I went to Osaka for an event called Winter Water. We somehow managed to navigate through the Osaka subway system to get to the event site, where we bought a lot, and I even won a prize during the bingo game at the end. After the event, we walked down to Otaku Road and did a little shopping. Then we headed back to Kyoto, where we met with gnine after work for supper. We tried to go to Ninnikuya, a chain store whose menu is made up entirely of food containing garlic, but after we waited in line for quite a long time, they told us they refused to make any of their dishes without the meat. That meant the only things wednesday_10_00 and I could eat there were the garlic bread and fries. <sigh> So, we went to the Italian restaurant next door, where they had plenty of choices for us.

We wound up kidnapping gnine and taking her back to my apartment with us for more chatting and movie-watching. It was past midnight by the time we got to bed.

We woke up early in the morning to go to Universal Studios Japan. It started out freezing in the morning, but it was a nice, sunny day, so it got to be rather warm by the afternoon. The place was filled with kids, which was surprising to us, considering that it was a Monday and most schools have exams coming up in about a week. (My school had Monday off in compensation for the event on Saturday, but it was an event unique to my school.) The ones who were there in uniform were probably on school field trips, but we really wondered about all the families...did they ALL pull their kids out of school to go to USJ on a Monday? That sounds very un-Japanese. There must be some reason beyond our understanding.

Anyway, the place was all decked out for Christmas. We wandered around, giggling over the areas made up to look like US cities. Yellow stop signs and other amusing sights kept us quite entertained. We went on a number of rides, though we concluded that what they really need to do is have the lines made up of chairs on a conveyor belt so that people can sit down while they wait. By the end of the day, this was altered from chairs to hammocks, as some of us (...okay, me...) were quite ready for a nap.

We went to Hard Rock cafe for supper. It was great because they had lots of vegetarian options, but the place was virtually empty. We were seated in an area all by ourselves. This was nice in that we weren't surrounded by people...but it also made it very hard to catch the attention of a waiter for service.

After supper, wednesday_10_00 headed for home. I stayed behind to shop a bit with gnine, and then I got on on the train back to Moriyama. I made it back to my apartment at about 9:30pm and pretty much crashed. ...I seriously hope I don't fall asleep at my desk today...

[P.S. Why did LJ strip all the carriage returns from my entry...? That's never happened before. I had to go back and add them in HTML.]

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