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Bringing the house down

I did as much cleaning as I could in the morning--I got the bath scoured and kitchen mopped--and left for the event site just before 9am. I had practiced the song at my desk with headphones on Friday for about an hour, and I also put it on repeat while I was cleaning, but I was still shaky on parts. When I arrived, however, I found that we were all going to be holding matching lyric books. If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have worked so hard on trying to memorize the song...but it was just as well, because this way I could look up while singing.

The student performances were great. In particular, the baton twirling club did an homage to Miyazaki films in a kind of ballet-like act. Also, one of the singing groups did "Hail Holy Queen" from Sister Act (or Love Song for an Angel, as it's called in Japanese).

The teacher performance was very well received. It's a pity that I wasn't able to zoom my camera to get closeup shots of individual teachers, but at least the sound recorded okay. I added an arrow to the screen capture to show which person is me.

I was really glad that I had the tripod, though it did make the camera movement jerky in spots. When I bought it, they rang up the price as 980 yen (under $10). I recall thinking at the time that it was rather cheap--the one I had bought in Michigan cost more than three times as much--but I figured it was probably on the flimsy side. When I opened it to set it up for the show, however, the price tag attached to it inside the box had it marked at over 8000 yen. Either they were having a major clearance sale on tripods, or the computer read its price wrong. I figure they must know what they're doing...a minor glitch might go unnoticed, but a difference of $70 on a piece of merchandise would no doubt catch the sales clerk's attention, particularly since the tripods were stacked right next to the register counter.

I was so busy with cleaning in the morning that I didn't have time to make lunch. Thus, I had to run to the convenience store across the street to buy something to eat. There I found this lovely item, shown in the picture. It's a ham and cheese "Italian burrito."

Ah, Japan. What do you have against Mexican food?

(There were also two other varieties: Italian sausage and "margarita," meaning cheese, tomato, and basil.)

After the event, I came home and did a bunch more cleaning. wednesday_10_00 was delayed by work, so she didn't arrive until nearly a quarter past ten. We stayed up talking until about midnight. Today we'll be taking a trip to Osaka.
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