Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

I never thought I'd explore Antarctica...

Today I went with the Minna no Salon group on a bus tour. It was quite an adventure.

Our first stop was a place called Blumen Hügel. This is essentially a big farm made up to resemble a German village. It has facilities where you can (for a fee) go on horse/pony rides or pet various animals. They also have their own dairy cows for producing milk, cheese, and other such things.

We attended the "pizza-making experience," where each of us got to make a personal-sized pizza from scratch. Then, since the weather was nice, we sat outside and ate our pizzas for lunch. I was sitting on a tarp, but I wasn't entirely on it I guess, because when I got up I had a mud patch on the seat of my (white) pants. Urg. I ducked into the restroom and wiped off as much as I could.

We had about a half hour to wander around before returning to a bus. I mainly strolled through the rose garden, which was nearing the end of the autumn rose season, and snapped a gajillion pictures.

Next we went to a place called Marguerite Station, which is essentially a rest stop along the road where there are a lot of things to entertain people. They have flower picking, gift shops, a flea market, and various other things. I had my picture taken in the middle of a sunflower field.

After a half hour there, we went to the Nishibori Eizaburou Memorial Explorer Museum. This is a small facility to commemorate the expedition to Antarctica. Visitors are shown a short film and then can experience the cold temperatures by walking through a refrigerated room decorated to look like an Antarctic camp. After going through the freezer, you can watch a short movie about the two sled dogs, Tarou and Jirou, who survived being left behind by the expedition.

In all, it was a very full day.
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