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Today I went for a ride past Rittou to the next city down the line, Kusatsu. It has a fairly large shopping area near the station. I wandered around for a while, stopping in every bookstore I found...I had a whole sack full of books by the time I was ready to go home.

I had lunch at a restaurant that specializes in tofu and yuba dishes. (Yuba is the skim from boiled soymilk.) It's located on the 24th floor of a hotel, so depending on where you sit you can get a panoramic view of the city. You also have to take your shoes off when you enter, because the main floor of the restaurant is covered with tatami. It was a very luxurious setting.

After lunch I went to explore the opposite side of the station, where there were more stores. I encountered the most ghetto department store I think I've ever seen in Japan. Most department stores have supermarkets in the basement, but when I went to see the supermarket in this one, I really felt like I was in a dark alley. It was almost surreal.

On the way back, I took some snapshots of manhole covers. Every city has its own design for its manhole covers. On the left is Moriyama's, with a glowing firefly. The one on the right is from Rittou.
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