Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram


Today was a national holiday (Culture Day), so I had the day off. I spent most of my non-reading time cleaning up my two guest rooms. Partly this is because wednesday_10_00 will be coming to visit in a couple weeks, and partly it's because I couldn't get started making megory's yukata with all the clutter on the floor. I managed to get the place pretty well straightened up. I even hauled out my winter clothes and put the summer clothes into storage.

I laid out the yukata roll and got the major pieces cut, so they're all ready for me to start working on this weekend. I learned from the last one that it takes me about five whole days to make a yukata [though hopefully this one will go a bit faster because a) it's smaller--less to hem, and b) it's from a roll, so it requires less extensive measuring]. If I work on it every free weekend, I may be able to get it done in time to mail for Christmas...
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