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Amparo Bertram

Chocolate: a Girl's Best Friend

My weekend was pretty much just chores + reading + computer, so nothing much to say there.

I thought about dressing up in a costume for school today...but there's no way to know when someone might pop up to interview me, so I only wrapped a big sash around my waist to make myself feel like a pirate and let it go at that.

Last week I printed out a bunch of scanned photographs of costumes from previous years that megory sent me. I showed them to some students last Wednesday, then again to today's classes. The students all thought I should grow my hair long again. ...They obviously don't realize how truly monstrous my hair gets when it's long...I don't think my poor vacuum cleaner would survive.

Trick-or-treating was incredibly popular today. In fact, I think over half of the students who came for candy weren't even from my classes, they were sent by other teachers or dragged in by friends. They went through every last one of the KitKats I brought. It's amazing the difference between the English majors, who know all about Halloween, and the non-English majors, who know absolutely nothing. I had this exchange with a pair of non-English major girls who must have heard about the candy second-hand...

Student 1: <in Japanese> Sweets, please.

Me: What do you say?

Student 1: Sweets...

Me: Trick or...?

Student 1: Trick or...sweets...

Me: Trick or treat.

Student 1: ?

Student 2: <explains in Japanese> I get it, it means "If you don't give me sweets, I'll play a prank on you."

Student 1: Yes.

Me: ^_^;
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