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Amparo Bertram

My secret is safe

I slept an hour late this morning, but that's okay, because all it did was cut into my email time.

I got to work, and the head of the English department greeted me by saying that the English club students wanted me to go with them to Kyoto today. So, there went my afternoon off. Oh, well, free trip to Kyoto.

The group of us--five students, the English department head, and me--got into Kyoto at Keihan-Sanjou Station. The students were equipped with a list of ten questions that they wanted to ask. Their goal was set at talking to ten foreigners apiece. The first hurdle was to find some foreigners who would be willing to answer their questions and have their picture taken with the students (to be displayed with their results as proof that the English club actually does stuff).

We wandered over to the Kawaramachi shopping district. The students broke up into two groups, one pair and one group of three. The first group of two students got their picture taken with a couple from Holland. The group of three had their picture taken with a Black man who said he was an ALT, though I didn't hear his country of origin, as I was trying to stand out of the way. (If it turned out to be Azrael from Outpost Nine, who is an ALT in Kyoto, I'm just going to have to laugh.)

After that, I was shooed away while the students wandered around hunting down foreigners, so I spent about an hour shopping at Animate. We met up again at 2pm, by which time they had reached nearly half their quota. Next we walked to the Heian Shrine, and I hung out eating convenience store food while they ran around interviewing more foreigners.

The group of two students finished early and came over to sit by me, where I was reading one of the manga I had bought earlier. They were quite interested in the fact that I liked manga, and one of them got all fangirly with me about Jump Comics. I did an imitation of my squealing and "YES!" pose when I find something at Animate to get excited over. One of them was right there with me, but the other took a different tack and advised me to get a boyfriend so that I can experience romance instead of just reading about it. The other responded, "A real boy might betray you, but manga never will!"

She then assured me that she would keep my "secret" of being a fangirl, so I had no need to worry. <g>
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