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Going new places, meeting new people

Yesterday I corrected a bunch of papers, including the nearly final versions of the skits that the seniors are doing. They're pretty funny. One is about a person who buys a faulty umbrella from a home shopping network, one is about a family so poor they have to live on Halloween candy, and another (based loosely on a popular story called Densha Otoko) is about an anime fangirl who rescues a guy in trouble and they wind up dating. The funniest, I think, is a skit in which the characters all decide at the end that they're gay, and they all hook up with one another, living happily ever after and eating ramen. (The ramen is a plot point.)

Today and tomorrow I have no classes, since the students are all off doing club things. After I sat at my desk reading and typing on my laptop for a few hours, the vice-principal told me that I have one day left of "special holiday vacation allowance." This special allowance is only good through the 31st, so it's either use it or lose it. He suggested that I take the afternoon off both days, seeing as how I have nothing better to do, so that's what I did.

I returned home at lunchtime to find that I had received an email from gnine saying that she would be working in a neighboring town today, so I made arrangements to see her after work. (This meant staying up past my bedtime, but I only have a half day and no classes tomorrow, so I reasoned it wouldn't be too bad.) I met her in Minami Kusatsu and we went out for sushi at a restaurant near the station. We chatted for about an hour before she had to catch a train back home. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet up again soon.
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