Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

What to do with a fridge full of cookie dough...

The English club had scheduled a Halloween party for after school today, because it's the last meeting before the student teachers finish their term here. I had intended to bake cookies last night, but I forgot all about it until breakfast this morning. I quickly whipped up a batch as soon as I finished eating...I barely had time to take the first set out of the oven before it was time to leave. ^_^; They went over well enough, though.

We didn't really do much at the party other than sit around and chat while eating the snacks everyone brought and listening to music. The exchange student showed up, and some of the club members tried talking with her, though mostly they had me translate back and forth.

Aside from that...I gave my food list to the teacher in charge of organizing the year-end party. He cracked up when he read it. I wonder what he found assurance that, yes, I can use preference for takoyaki without the warning that katsuo is, indeed, fish...or something else entirely.
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