Amparo Bertram (spacealien_vamp) wrote,
Amparo Bertram

Bringing back memories

I've been team-teaching with one of the student teachers in my first-year classes. The first time, the regular teacher stayed in the back of the room to observe, but today he didn't come at all. (Personally, I can't imagine a mentor teacher leaving a student teacher with only two weeks of part-time experience in complete charge of a class...but I guess he figured it was okay since I was there? Then again, this is a country where they think nothing of saying "self-study" and leaving the class to fend for itself rather than get a sub.) The lesson went fine both times.

I believe that next week is when they will have to plan and present their own lessons. They're also going to have a Halloween party with the English club next Thursday before they go.

One of my third-year classes has been assigned to translate Japanese picture books into English as a group project. I half expected that they'd dawdle and drag their feet about it, but they actually seemed pretty excited. They flipped through a sample of picture books exclaiming things like, "Cute!" and "I remember this!" They set about right away dividing up the pages among the group members for translation. One group had a storytelling session, where one member held the book and read it aloud, while the other group members sat on the floor at her feet and listened, giggling over the pictures. I hope their enthusiasm continues.
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