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Amparo Bertram

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09:09 pm: Oooh, scaaary...
I had two classes with the student teachers yesterday. (They're so cute in their little black suits.) It's hard to give them anything to do, though, because they just drop in on the class without having any context about the lesson. For one, I gave the lady a copy of the handout and had her ask for answers, but that was the most I could do.

I've also been doing conversation practice in the non-English major classes as requested. They've been studying how to ask and answer "What did you do _____?" (insert past day/event) and then ask for further information once an answer has been given. They have a handout with key phrases and example responses. They are also seniors, which means they've been studying English for six years. I found that "What did you do yesterday?" generally required time to scour the handout as well as a desperate consultation with at least two classmates.

It's amazing how much terror I can strike into their hearts simply by asking "How was it?" It gets me in the mood for Halloween...

Two of the student teachers came by the English club. Unfortunately, we've had a sharp drop off in attendance since the festival...only two students showed up. The poor girls were outnumbered by teachers two to one.

My solo classes aren't going too badly. The girls were somewhat chatty today, but then they're the same when there are two of us, so no real difference.



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Date:October 6th, 2005 01:38 pm (UTC)

Chatty forever and wherever

I don't know if it's the moon or what. Every now and again it seems as if they get it, you know, how to listen. But just when I think it's going to be smooth sailing, everything turns to chaos. If anyone out there has the secret, please share.
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